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Hellow! :wave:

This journal is just a little update! ^_^

Well... At first; Thank you for all your "happy birthday"s :heart: :hug: I was so happy to see them all! :heart: And specially the gift from :iconcrash-the-megaraptor:! :glomp::heart: Thank you so much for the Premium! :love: About that, I also changed my username to my real name, lol - Not the best choice, but better than 'Hippie-Sammy', I think. XD
So thank you, everyone! :love::heart:
I looove this vacation! :heart: I have spent much time with my boyfriend, but today we had to say goodbye. Jeg håber du kommer godt hjem! :heart: But yeah, soon I'll go to Paris with my family! ^_^ I'm so excited hihihihihihi!

Btw! If you want the active me, check my Tumblr! ^_^ And sorry, the most is written in danish, but I'll post sketches, drawings, doodles etc, etc.... And feel free to ask me anything, if you're curious about something. :heart:

My Tumblr:

Baibai :wave:
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July 27, 2012


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